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Download the finished product here!

     Click on First Chapter's download link to access the mod's files. Files will be uploaded on a chapter-by-chapter basis, so if you've already downloaded the Prologue you won't need to redownload it now that Chapter 1 has released. Upon each game's completion, a full download link with all files will be provided. Requires a copy of the Steam or GOG version of Trails in the Sky, the "Trails in the Sky Japanese voice mod" for FC, to work. Give you plenty of reason to support the official release! To avoid copyright trouble, I will not be providing a link to the Japanese voice files. To install the voice mod, click the download link below. Word of advice; I suggest playing the game with the music turned down one or two notches in settings for the best experience.

    NOTE: To keep from distributing material that is owned in full by others, the battle lines are only partially complete. This means that for characters not yet cast or whose battle lines are not recorded, their lines have been replaced by silence in our version of the file, so we do not distribute the voice work of the official actors without the consent of the rights holders. This is why I recommend keeping a backup of your original voice files (detailed below) if you want to keep playing past Chapter 1, as the battle lines will be incomplete otherwise. However, this means the playable characters in Chapter 1 aren't the only ones whose battle lines are in the files. A few of our actors have recorded their battle lines in advance, and thus can be heard in the game already. As for which characters, you'll have to find that out yourself.


Trails in the Sky:

First Chapter


Trails in the Sky:

Second Chapter



Trails in the Sky:

The Third




First Time Downloaders

Returning Downloaders

1. Firstly, I would recommend making a backup of the "ED6_DT1B.dat" and "ED6_DT1B.dir" files from your game's install folder, as to get the battle lines that match the voices of the mod you will be asked to overwrite those files at the next step.

2. Go to the "Download" link and you will be taken to a Google Drive folder with the files you need. Download the file, "Trails in the Dub FC: Prologue + Chapter 1" file and use WinRAR, 7zip or an equivalent to unzip the contents directly to the game's install directory. Overwrite the "ED6_DT1B.dat" and "ED6_DT1B.dir" files when asked. For most people, that's it. You can now play the game with dubbed voices.

3. If the mod does not run properly, meaning no voices play upon starting the game, remove the "dsound.dll" file from the game's directory. Then download the "dinput8.dll" file from the drive and place that in the game's directory instead.

4. If you already have the Japanese voice mod installed, then simply swap the "ogg" folder housing the Japanese lines with our "ogg" folder.

1. If you already have the Prologue's voice files downloaded, go to the download link as before and download the file "Trails in the Dub FC: Chapter 1", and use WinRAR, 7zip or an equivalent to unzip the contents directly to the game's install directory. Overwrite any identical files.

2. This setup will look identical to the original prologue download, but it's not. There are many files that have been updated, including the .dll files that make up the mod's framework, so if you haven't played the game in a while, make sure you unzip the entire file into your game's install directory.

3. If you have kept up to date on those files, then you only need to copy the contents of the "ogg" folder directly to your own "ogg" folder, as well as the "ED6_DT1B.dat" and "ED6_DT1B.dir" files into your install directory. Again, still overwrite any files it says are duplicates.

4. If any fixes are needed for Chapter 1, they will be uploaded at a later date as a file labeled "Chapter 1 Fixes". Download the .rar file and follow the readme file within for further instructions.

   And that should be everything! These instructions and downloads will be updated as new chapters release, though the general idea behind everything should remain the same. If something doesn't work, you can email questions to us at "" with the subject line, "Installation Trouble" and I will do my best to respond to everyone. Have fun!

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