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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I report bugs, like missing lines, or lines that play at the wrong time?

A: To report bugs, send an email to "", and we will respond as quickly as possible and attempt to find a fix. Please be sure to let us know what line is giving you trouble, verbatim if you can. If it's a bug unrelated to lines, be sure to specify. Your email's subject line should be, "Bug Report [Game] [Chapter]", so if your bug is in Trails in the Sky: First Chapter's Prologue, your email should read, "Bug Report First Chapter - Prologue". This last bit will be a bit more relevant later as more chapters release.

Q: What if a line's voice file doesn't match up exactly with what's on screen?

A: This is (occassionally) an unfixable problem, as the way the Japanese voice mod is coded involves taking voice files that, while interchangeable in the Japanese language, do not have interchangeable translations in the English release. As such, two different lines will read from the same voice file, meaning only one specific line reading can be used for two, three or sometimes four very different lines. This affects maybe 0.3% of the lines in all three Trails games, and we did our best to choose which line should be voiced so as to avoid dialogue flow issues, so hopefully this will not be a sticking point for any of you. However, in some cases this may simply be the result of an actor missing or changing a word on accident without realizing it. In these cases, so long as the meaning of the sentence or conversation doesn't become muddled, we will be leaving those alone. The voice actors have enough on their plate doing all of this for free without having to redo every minor flub.

Q: Are the battle voice lines dubbed as well?

A: As a matter of fact, they are. All battle dialogue has been given the same treatment as the rest of the game. They are in the same RAR file as the rest of the mod, and unzipping the file's contents directly to the game folder should install the mod along with the battle lines. We dubbed these lines not out of disrespect to the original dub voice actors, but merely for consistency. Special thanks to LogicallyAnime for helping to implement those lines, as they would have remained untouched otherwise.

Q: Why does everyone's audio sound different?

A: Due to the spread out nature of everyone working on this project, there is going to be some variability in terms of quality. Unlike the original Japanese dialogue, which was recorded in a professional studio by wholly professional voice actors, we are all independent actors, ranging from aspiring amateurs to seasoned professionals with our own recording environments and setups. However, I'm confident that despite the audio quality variability, that the experience will not be diminished except for those who want to have problems with it.

Q: I don't like the voice of [insert your favorite character here]!

A: Not really a question, but let us address this now. As with any English adaptation, official or otherwise, there are going to be casting decisions you may not agree with, and that's fine. You are of course entitled to those opinions. There's a place for constructive and/or thoughtful criticism. Our only response is that we are not perfect and cannot meet every expectation you are likely to have of us, but we hope you enjoy the mod anyway! However, I have absolutely zero patience for anyone looking to harass or demean the hard working people on this project. If you think you can do a better job, then I encourage you to do so yourself. If you must direct your vitriol at anyone, then do so towards the project's official Twitter page (@TrailsInTheDub), or towards my own Twitter page (@SeannyVoices), since all casting decisions and line reads were ultimately my call and my call alone. The incredible voice actors of this project should not be put down for things completely out of their control. I realize this may not even be an issue, and will only be the work of a vocal minority in the event that it is, but I have to cut this line of thought off right now just in case.

Q: When will the next chapter be released?

A: That is dependent on a wide variety of factors to the point that we cannot give concrete release dates for each chapter until I'm about 80-90% done with them. If you would like updates on our progress, feel free to follow us on Twitter.

Q: Can I be a voice actor for this project?

A: As of right now, we are not accepting further auditions for the Trails in the Sky series except on a case by case basis, as with 120+ actors committed to the project right, there is enough to juggle and ensure everyone gets speaking roles. However, if you have a demo reel and quality recording setup, you are welcome to reach out via email at any time. We can't promise anything, but we will at the very least keep all submitted demos and email addresses on file in the event a need for more voice actors arises.

Q: Will you be doing this for Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure?

A: That is our plan at this time, but we can firmly say right now that we are not thinking too much about those games and want to focus our full attention towards Trails in the Sky.

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